What I am reading and writing

So it’s been a while I haven’t post anything here.

Been busy for the months absent, so for so long I haven’t posted anything here but journalism activities only. Oh well, not like many of you read a worthless blog of a nerd teen like me.
Oh well, just carry on like this is only an online diary. . .

So I just finished rereading The Heroes of Olympus Book 1 and 2, The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune. It’s still the same and as epic as in my first time reading.

This Monday I can now read the third, Mark of Athena. . .

Can’t wait for it.

So what am I writing?
So Wattpad is now the trend in our class now. The writers’ class according to one of my beloved teachers, nearly half of our class is an avid reader and most are an interesting writer in their own ways. It would be no surprise if our batch has the highest average in the English subject.

So as you see my screen name on the Net has always been ‘Reignscythe’. Good luck finding me on Wattpad 😛

So I’m having this ‘vain attempt in romance and humor’ in a story named Prank Call. It’s not much, only need 2 minutes to read one part, but writers will know even that will took hours to write. To will and focus yourself into writing it, well, will take much of your whole day. So please give it a read.

Sorry for the messy ideas and inappropiate punctuations. It’s a hard time since our laptop was borrowed and I need to fit myself contentedly on a Blackberry Bold 9700. Fortunately it’s enough to fill my needs.

So that’s all. Next time again.
Signing off,

275 words


Ang Pagiging Isang Bayani

Rizal, Bonifacio, Aguinaldo, at iba pa. . . . . . Mga bayaning hindi nila inaasahan. Alam nating isa sila sa mga pinakasikat na bayani sa Pilipinas. Pero ano ang hanap nila? Kasikatan? Hindi, hindi. Nagartista na lamang sila kung ito lamang ang hanap nila.

Paano nga ba maging isang bayani? Hindi mo kailangan maging o magmukang bayani para maging isa. Ang pagiging bayani ay isang gawa na iuuna hindi ang sarili kundi iba. Hindi ang sariling interes kung hindi sa lahat. Hindi ang kasikatan kundi ang kapakanan ng iba. Hindi ang magpayaman kundi magsakripisyo. Ito ang pagiging isang bayani.

Paano nga ba maging magiging isang bayani? Ito ay ang pagbigay, hindi ang pagkuha, ito’y pagsasakripisyo, hindi pagiging gahaman. Ito’y hindi pagiging sikat, kundi ito’y pagiging isang bayani.


Ma’am Charlene it’s here, sorry for late submission; we only have our internet back this day

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Here is our project in Jounalism.

Credits to my group Noriel, Timothy, Robert, Renz.

About Me as a Student

So I’m gonna describe myself again but now as a student.


First off, I’m obviously a nerd. An Internet bum, books fanatic, and as others say, a walking dictionary. Not literally, and now it was rarely teased to me again. Maybe because my vocabulary is degrading and for my age it might as well be outdated. Going dumber, I guess.

Second, I’m the type of student that is conscious of his grades, which will mostly cry over a failed test and delight when at the top 10. But that doesn’t mean I’m that smart anymore. This quarter I’m not in the top ten and this is not the first time. And being not on the top 10 list is pretty embarrassing and humiliating for me.

Third and the last, I’m not the type that likes to join in extracurricular activities, as I’m not an athlete or anything. I only joined Journalism just to improve or enhance my writing skills, because this time I’m afraid it will degrade again too.


What I am reading.

So I’m just finished reading the three books by Suzanne Collins which was the The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Also I made the latter as my reading log for my English subject.

Let me do a little outline of the Mockingjay.

First off, I’ll tell you my prediction.

My prediction is that the Capitol will fall and District 13 will be revealed to the other district that it survived from Capitol’s bombings and replace the former system of the Capitol with a more merciful system. Katniss, Gale, Peeta and their families will still be alive with no more tradegies or deaths of people close to them.

So where does this story happen? This took place in Panem, which stood amidst ruins on a mountain range (which I forgot,) in what used to be America. It was implied in the story that North America or all of the world’s remaining civilization, all with its technology, former culture, and manners vanished, but not one reason was said at the story. With these conditions, Panem ended up to be half-futuristic and half-primitive, as some poor families’ breadwinners are, like Katniss, resort to bows and snares for hunting game out in the forest, for they are not adequately fed. And even though Capitol lose the recent technologies achieved by the mankind, it still have stealth hovercrafts for their air force and muttations (pun on ‘mutt’ and mutation) which were altered animals, to do most of the dirty work. Each of the districts had a uniform job, for an example, District 12 is for mining coals. The first two books happened in the Capitol’s Hunger Games arena, Capitol, and District 12, while the last took place in some of the other district, Capitol, and District 13.


Now to tell you about the main characters. Katniss Everdeen, the victor of the 74th Hunger Games and a participant in the 3rd Quarter Quell or 75th Hunger Games is the protagonist of the story. Originally the breadwinner of the Everdeens, she trespasses across the electric fence surrounding District 12 to hunt in the forest, called Meadow. She is generous and thoughtful, especially to Primrose, because of her she volunteered to join the Games and be part of the rebellion, although Prim died. She was shy at her first interview, as she will stutter and mumble over her words if it weren’t for Cinna’s tip. She has shown her aggresiveness when she became hot-headed at the drunk Gamemakers and shot an arrow in their direction. She also proved her versatility at making snares, hiding, throwing knives, shooting arrows, knotting and healing at the rebellion and Games. Clever and encouraging, she had made it with Peeta at her 74th Games till the end, making snares and outsmarting her foes with only a dozen of her arrows while keeping Peeta optimistic and alive. When moody or emotional, she became elusive and hid at the most unexpected places, like when she hid in a supply closet.

Peeta. The baker’s son who helped Katniss and her family survive with a burnt loaf of bread. Don’t want to spoil the story to you, but he is the one that became Katniss’ partner at the end, even had three kids and growing. He was chosen over Gale because of his caring and calmness and its effect to Katniss, especially when Katniss has nightmares, he just lie next to her and she will calm. He is also tricky, as how he cleverly joined the Career’s pack and tried to keep them from Katniss. At the last few tributes remaining, he hid himself and disguised as a boulder so he can’t be found by the other tributes. He was also generous and unselfish, as he is willing to sacrifice his life for Katniss as much as Katniss wanted him to survive. His backsides are that he’s easily discouraged and fooled, as he believed he was dying anyway and told Katniss to leave him. He was fooled by Katniss because he is so persistent to join her but she gave her a sleeping pill mixed with sweet fruits to knock him out.

Haymitch. Though at first this drunkard, once a victor, was only extra in the series, he became an important figure and served as Katniss and Peeta’s mentor. He is responsible, clever and thoughtful in a way Katniss only understood, as in his timing of supplies after Peeta and Katniss’ feigned kiss. Once Katniss went to his house, and she said that it looked like an ocean of trash, and this proves he’s a loner with no family to live with. A participant in a rebellion.

Last but not the least, Gale. Katniss’ first love, partly because of their similarities, hunting yet caring, rebellious and aggresive. Now only her best friend after their recent arguments over love and their ever-growing differences. He was at the last book driven by vengeance to the Capitol, and was suspected by Katniss to be the one with Beetee behind the bomb that killed Prim. As Katniss has said, she was fire itself, and she don’t want Gale because he is one too.

The District 12’s current condition and District 13 was told in the Chapters 1 and 2, when Katniss visited their old house. The action tenses when Katniss demanded to the President of District 13 herself her conditions before she will agree to be the rebels’ Mockingjay at the Chapters 3 to 4. The climax is when she was chosen to be in the Star Squad that will be the one recorded as a propo and the one that is assigned to kill Snow, at the Chapters 18 till 24. The ending and epilogue was from 25 to 27, where Coin, the President of District 13, Snow, and Prim died. Katniss went back to the Victor’s Village to live with Peeta and their three kids.

You just read a post with 961 words.


Topic: The best gift I have ever given/received

<Ma’am here it is!>

Yep. My salvation would be the best gift I have ever received. Though I received Christ as my Savior somewhere in September when I was Grade 5, I think it will be applicable to be a Christmas gift because God’s gift is eternal. Unlike my teacher who cried when she was saved, I felt different. I felt lighter, like the time when you’re nervous and suddenly it is just nothing. I felt calm and different like I was not alone everyday. Though I’ve grown up that much, I still felt that urge to stop to sin though most of the time I ignored it. Anyways, I still never given anyone a nice gift. I only gave them bracelets, stuffed toys, etc. because I can’t think of any other better thing except leading them to Christ. I remember a play which plot is to give away the free, eternal gift, though most didn’t accepted it. That’s what I fear: being rejected and hated for what you believe. I don’t know why but I’ll try to know the reason and disregard it. Well. That’s all.

194 words!

<Minus 15 useless words>

Here it is!

Uhuh. Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. this poem should be an early Christmas gift to troubles teens who wanted to commit suicide, like me. (Created it somewhere in November) but in some way I didn’t have time to post it. Anyways, here it is!


The Devil:

Forget all and he’ll offer you a way out,

Give all you had and he’ll give you what you want,

Whisper it to the wind, you never need to shout,

Close your eyes, and it’ll be over in an instant.

The Angel:

Stop blaming yourself and He will forgive you all,

Give all He had for you, and for Him your life’s precious,

From the temptation of death you must not fall,

Don’t kill yourself, live your life, though it is tedious.

The Devil:

Come, touch my hand and forget all your problems, all,

Stop living your life because its already pointless,

It’s better to die fast than to break down and fall,

Come with me, there, there is no problems or tests.

The Angel:

Stop tempting him to his death, you earthly Devil!,

Don’t you ever make him touch the flames of your Hell,

Don’t take his life and overcome him with evil,

Let him go on to his life with his own mettle.

The Teen:

What shall I do? Succumb or go on to my life?

All of these is too much for me to carry on.

Should I give up my life or endure all this strife?

Should I rest or continue my sad screams and moans?

Should I live longer or slice my wrist with this knife?

Will I cry and scream all night or just give it up?

Is it true? Is it true that He valued our life?

Will I go down or will I strive to the top?

That’s all guys.See you next weekend.

I hope.

313 words!

Eicheipipiway Enidbliu Waiyeiar!!!!

Which means ‘Happy New Year’. Yeah, sorry I didn’t post anything for my followers <They’re actually six, only> for the reason that I’m busy <or lazy> Well I intend to post something <two poems, epic.> this week before the end of the vacation. Yes guys, I’m sleepy, got to go, have a nice new year.

55 words.

And Ma’am, my post for journalism, it’s coming up!!!!


Oh what the heck I got a headache finishing Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles Book One: The Red Pyramid. Just finished it last night.  I just finished the Heroes of Olympus Book One and Two and looking forward to the new book coming in Fall 2012. Well, let’s just hope I’ll still remember those things ’til Mark of Athena came out.

Anyways, I’m gonna tell you something. See my subject? Well, that is what I’ll be babbling about. I just think of this when a terrible accident (Or common, for those who see this things hourly,) Anyways, I heard the collision all the way throughout my bedroom, where it really disturbed me in my study. It disturbed me because it sounded like the collision of two tricycles last new year, which is my first accident seen. Well, I went up to our front yard, and two jeep sat stunned on the road beside the edge of our garage (Don’t think it’s near, our garage is as wide as our house.) Passengers went down and stood stranded on the sidewalk parallel to us, which I thought was baffling ‘coz they can watch what happened to the accident, hear quarrels and such, which is fun for others (Not me,) Well, Tricycles swarmed at the passengers like vultures to rotten meat (Not literally,) Anyways, when the road’s clear of the tricycles, the front jeep of the accident roared again to life and zoomed, carrying the victim of the tragedy, the one who sabit at the back of the jeep. He was, in some way, was brought up to the back of the jeep, crying or screaming his and my guts out. (Yeah, that’s how much I was affected by the tragedy.)  Why? I almost threw up when I saw the reason why he is crying. His left leg was skinned and probably his bone can be seen. He is hugging his leg at the ends of his gruesome wound which might be a foot long. Yep, and good he’s still alive. But I doubt it if his leg would still be with him when he reached Christimas.


And that wasn’t even death. My aunt passed out December 3,2011 and we attended her funeral at December 10, Saturday, so that’s why I can’t post in Saturday. Sunday? Too bored to even get out of my bed. Anyways, the real reason is that I’m self-conscious of my site stats. Like “The hell. I’m posting here like stupid and no one even bothers to read it? Forget this stuff.”

So that’s why. I’m ,  um, a little proud not of myself but of my works so it’s humiliating. Whatever. Word Count: 437. Gonna sleep now, bye guys.