What in the world is his real name?: [Rule no. 1: Kids, NEVER show your real name anywhere in the Internet.]

Where in the world does he lives?: San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines

When is his birthday?: 3rd of September, year of 1998 (Mark your calendars;you need to give me a gift 😀 if you can’t think of any, try giving money :D)

What in the world wastes his time?: TV at mornings,Computer from noon to dinner,TV ’til very late, and, in case of insomnia attacks, pyouiemes, scribbles, enouvyieles, and sometimes midnight snack.

Whatever in the world is his name?: Reignscythe. Right. ‘Reign-‘ is the first syllable or whatever it is called of my name and ‘-scythe’ is the archenemy of the character in the Artix Entertainment, whatever it is.

How in the world he can make his poems?: I don’t know. I just thought up a nice line while I’m daydreaming, eating, and even doing math. Then in any way I’ll write it up and just improve on it later that night. Another is when I experienced hardships or just my feelings or emotions or call it whatever you want, though sometimes my idea, after years of revising my poems, it became well-hidden I can’t even understand the reason why I write it.

Whatever is the purpose of his blog,what is it?: Actually it was meant to say what am I doing, say like, what game I’m playing, what am I reading, what I’ll post next, what sites I recommend, even what soap I use. But, like my poems after revising, it totally goes out of my senses.

What in the world got his attention?: New gadgets, customized things (whatever they were,) , books, games, projects, long work in front of a computer, anime’s, drawings, movies, more books and games, collectibles (whatever they were,) , music,  odd news, interesting facts, and more and more books and games.

What in the world is the reason why he writes in second-person perspective?: I’m writing like this or like nuts because for me second-person narrative or whatever it is, is cool. Way cool.

What is second-person blah-blah?: Here’s a nice site to read it. It’s boring to write it all here.

First-Person, Second-Person, Third-Person

Whatever in this world is his weakness?: Sports (though they say I’m okay), Math (though they say I can do it), Filipino (though they say I can do better), and drawing (though they say I have the potential), DOTA (though they say I’m only learning), and common sense.

Whatever he is, he’s what?: See also About Me. Weird-o, with black, curled hair, corny so let’s leave it that way, boring, another milestone that I’m leaving my chrysalis (Hurray for me!) and a bookworm and, besides Facebook, Deviantart and WordPress, is also a Kongregate bum. See my profiles there!

Whatever the name of his site means, what is it?: Emwai Essaityi means ‘My site’ while (Tyeichi) Emeyeskei ouev Emwai Vyaroukeyen Eichieyarti is, however, private 😀

Whatever is the website of his profiles somewhere?: Yep. And here it is.



Sadly, that is all. Hehe. Thank you!

  1. I don’t understand some of your language/s. But nice FAQS section. Nosebleed though.

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