About Me

This is about a simple teen who resides in the Philippines. He is an Internet addict, a branded nerd, and earlier his time earned the “Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius” title. He’s now 2nd year and only got a laptop as a companion for him at home. He was the celebrated Insomniac Boy who always write stories and poems but never continued it or draws scribbles that ends its fate in a trash can. He got the coolest parents that knows every nook of his knowledge and affairs that he doesn’t have trouble sharing his problems.  Also labeled by his crush a weird-o and a boring guy and by his best friend a “Combo weird” which means, an emo, nerd, and a talkative guy mixed together. He’s a guy believing he’s on his way out of his chrysalis, to become a butterfly, to assume his dream perfect form, which is a guy who didn’t disturb others and didn’t let others disturb him. He’s lazy and loved to read books, though only one series, the Animorphs by K.A. Applegate, because he’s stick-to-one. He only have, if not one game,  one game site to play for hours. If not one TV show,at least one TV channel. He is after the new, but keeps the old still. He’s looking back to his parent’s history to determine what will be his future. He believes that life of a family is a cycle that’s only bent by joining of two non-relatives into marriage. Then the fate of them will merge and is poured on their offspring. If two siblings have a child, he thinks there is a high chance their offsprings’ fate would be the same too, if the offspring met and was influenced the same as his parents. He believes in the saying “All men are equal” and even devised a plan to prove it. He was influenced by Christian teachings and arguments of Kent Hovind with the evolutionists that he decided to believe creationism and put out the theory and its components, when in his earlier years he believed in evolution just because of the excitement it brings to his ever-curious mind. He got a diary or a book full of  pyowiemes and devised a code alphabet for fun. He appreciates it if you understand what pyowiemes is. It’s not a language of any nation, it’s a code for notes and oweityeiches. Only some of his classmates knew this. He spends his weekdays in school, bedroom doing homework, and computer ’til dinner and writing pyowiemes before sleeping. In weekends, he’ll blow his morning off surfing TV while guarding their store and after lunch, slouches down in a kiddie chair and play his laptop on a kiddie table ’til dinner. Then stay awake for awhile before going to sleep. He got nothing to talk about except for their homework this day or just simply about something too useless to put here. If you’re interested, feel free to follow my boring life.

  1. Wala akong masabi. Hahaha. Ang haba, dre. Storya na ata ito eh. 🙂

  2. He got the coolest parents

    I’m sure your parents are very happy about that! Most teens ‘hate’ their parents, one way or the other.

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