Topic: The best gift I have ever given/received

<Ma’am here it is!>

Yep. My salvation would be the best gift I have ever received. Though I received Christ as my Savior somewhere in September when I was Grade 5, I think it will be applicable to be a Christmas gift because God’s gift is eternal. Unlike my teacher who cried when she was saved, I felt different. I felt lighter, like the time when you’re nervous and suddenly it is just nothing. I felt calm and different like I was not alone everyday. Though I’ve grown up that much, I still felt that urge to stop to sin though most of the time I ignored it. Anyways, I still never given anyone a nice gift. I only gave them bracelets, stuffed toys, etc. because I can’t think of any other better thing except leading them to Christ. I remember a play which plot is to give away the free, eternal gift, though most didn’t accepted it. That’s what I fear: being rejected and hated for what you believe. I don’t know why but I’ll try to know the reason and disregard it. Well. That’s all.

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