Here it is!

Uhuh. Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. this poem should be an early Christmas gift to troubles teens who wanted to commit suicide, like me. (Created it somewhere in November) but in some way I didn’t have time to post it. Anyways, here it is!


The Devil:

Forget all and he’ll offer you a way out,

Give all you had and he’ll give you what you want,

Whisper it to the wind, you never need to shout,

Close your eyes, and it’ll be over in an instant.

The Angel:

Stop blaming yourself and He will forgive you all,

Give all He had for you, and for Him your life’s precious,

From the temptation of death you must not fall,

Don’t kill yourself, live your life, though it is tedious.

The Devil:

Come, touch my hand and forget all your problems, all,

Stop living your life because its already pointless,

It’s better to die fast than to break down and fall,

Come with me, there, there is no problems or tests.

The Angel:

Stop tempting him to his death, you earthly Devil!,

Don’t you ever make him touch the flames of your Hell,

Don’t take his life and overcome him with evil,

Let him go on to his life with his own mettle.

The Teen:

What shall I do? Succumb or go on to my life?

All of these is too much for me to carry on.

Should I give up my life or endure all this strife?

Should I rest or continue my sad screams and moans?

Should I live longer or slice my wrist with this knife?

Will I cry and scream all night or just give it up?

Is it true? Is it true that He valued our life?

Will I go down or will I strive to the top?

That’s all guys.See you next weekend.

I hope.

313 words!


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