What I am reading and writing

So it’s been a while I haven’t post anything here.

Been busy for the months absent, so for so long I haven’t posted anything here but journalism activities only. Oh well, not like many of you read a worthless blog of a nerd teen like me.
Oh well, just carry on like this is only an online diary. . .

So I just finished rereading The Heroes of Olympus Book 1 and 2, The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune. It’s still the same and as epic as in my first time reading.

This Monday I can now read the third, Mark of Athena. . .

Can’t wait for it.

So what am I writing?
So Wattpad is now the trend in our class now. The writers’ class according to one of my beloved teachers, nearly half of our class is an avid reader and most are an interesting writer in their own ways. It would be no surprise if our batch has the highest average in the English subject.

So as you see my screen name on the Net has always been ‘Reignscythe’. Good luck finding me on Wattpad 😛

So I’m having this ‘vain attempt in romance and humor’ in a story named Prank Call. It’s not much, only need 2 minutes to read one part, but writers will know even that will took hours to write. To will and focus yourself into writing it, well, will take much of your whole day. So please give it a read.

Sorry for the messy ideas and inappropiate punctuations. It’s a hard time since our laptop was borrowed and I need to fit myself contentedly on a Blackberry Bold 9700. Fortunately it’s enough to fill my needs.

So that’s all. Next time again.
Signing off,

275 words


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