About Me as a Student

So I’m gonna describe myself again but now as a student.


First off, I’m obviously a nerd. An Internet bum, books fanatic, and as others say, a walking dictionary. Not literally, and now it was rarely teased to me again. Maybe because my vocabulary is degrading and for my age it might as well be outdated. Going dumber, I guess.

Second, I’m the type of student that is conscious of his grades, which will mostly cry over a failed test and delight when at the top 10. But that doesn’t mean I’m that smart anymore. This quarter I’m not in the top ten and this is not the first time. And being not on the top 10 list is pretty embarrassing and humiliating for me.

Third and the last, I’m not the type that likes to join in extracurricular activities, as I’m not an athlete or anything. I only joined Journalism just to improve or enhance my writing skills, because this time I’m afraid it will degrade again too.



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  1. ikaw na, reigner!! HAHA. nakaka-nose bleed. XD galing mo talaga!! :DD

  2. Grade – 100

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