Oh what the heck I got a headache finishing Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles Book One: The Red Pyramid. Just finished it last night.  I just finished the Heroes of Olympus Book One and Two and looking forward to the new book coming in Fall 2012. Well, let’s just hope I’ll still remember those things ’til Mark of Athena came out.

Anyways, I’m gonna tell you something. See my subject? Well, that is what I’ll be babbling about. I just think of this when a terrible accident (Or common, for those who see this things hourly,) Anyways, I heard the collision all the way throughout my bedroom, where it really disturbed me in my study. It disturbed me because it sounded like the collision of two tricycles last new year, which is my first accident seen. Well, I went up to our front yard, and two jeep sat stunned on the road beside the edge of our garage (Don’t think it’s near, our garage is as wide as our house.) Passengers went down and stood stranded on the sidewalk parallel to us, which I thought was baffling ‘coz they can watch what happened to the accident, hear quarrels and such, which is fun for others (Not me,) Well, Tricycles swarmed at the passengers like vultures to rotten meat (Not literally,) Anyways, when the road’s clear of the tricycles, the front jeep of the accident roared again to life and zoomed, carrying the victim of the tragedy, the one who sabit at the back of the jeep. He was, in some way, was brought up to the back of the jeep, crying or screaming his and my guts out. (Yeah, that’s how much I was affected by the tragedy.)  Why? I almost threw up when I saw the reason why he is crying. His left leg was skinned and probably his bone can be seen. He is hugging his leg at the ends of his gruesome wound which might be a foot long. Yep, and good he’s still alive. But I doubt it if his leg would still be with him when he reached Christimas.


And that wasn’t even death. My aunt passed out December 3,2011 and we attended her funeral at December 10, Saturday, so that’s why I can’t post in Saturday. Sunday? Too bored to even get out of my bed. Anyways, the real reason is that I’m self-conscious of my site stats. Like “The hell. I’m posting here like stupid and no one even bothers to read it? Forget this stuff.”

So that’s why. I’m ,  um, a little proud not of myself but of my works so it’s humiliating. Whatever. Word Count: 437. Gonna sleep now, bye guys.


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