Love Stories

So guys, I’ve posted this Sunday ‘coz I felt guilty yesterday, so here it is.

Yay. Love stories. The kind most boys didn’t want to read, much more to write. Anyways, I have found a page with short stories, some about love, most about something else. Here it is:

Let’s Read Some Short Stories 😉

Yep. I have read the most recent. I’ve been touched (or else) by the story. Okay, all love stories have either repentance to another after his death, third-party relations, social status, and so on. That is only few of love story plots and end. Yeah, since William Shakespeare and such, no love story written is ever unique. You can even categorize them like “Boys messing up”, “Girl’s the martyr”, “My parent’s vote for a no”, “Star too high” , “Childhood friend” and so on. But since I felt writing a love story I realize why it is always like that. It is inevitable to write like that. (I swear, I must’ve put my love story here if it is unique, but forget it,) Not that I’m saying all love story writers are all using the same generic template for their love story. No. They still have a definite way of writing. Even  all of us. I swear. Our writing is like our thumbmark; no one have the same style. Let’s say, your teachers asked all of you what is the definition of love or whatever deep enough to create a one page essay. Surely all of you will almost meant the same, but are your usage of the words and its structure the same to others, which is your classmates’? Yep. It isn’t. All of us had a dictionary in our minds, with at least one word for an expression or whatever. It is the reason why most of us can’t think of a synonym of some word. It is because of our personality and your friends’ everyday words too. It’s like a math geek will say the volume of the water in the glass is ‘approximately 200mL’ whilst a local punk will say ‘close to the brim of the glass.’ And I always use ‘anyways’,’however’,etc. during the transition of my ideas.

Anyways, where did my post go? By the way, I still need to play my Empires and Allies. See ‘ya guys!



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