Field Trip.

Okay. Another unexpected post. Good. I just told you yesterday or whatever that I’ll only post during Saturday’s so I can’t run out of ideas I’ll share to you. Earlier this day I have thought up partially a topic and I’m trying to build it up in my mind….

Whatever. Anyways, I will inform you that since this day I’ll only post in Saturday’s and a day or so after a special day, (Say, like, your crush’s birthday, field trip, vacation, or the day you don’t feel like doing anything,) So, this is obviously about our field trip (What else?!)

And I assure you, this isn’t the best field trip experience I’ve ever had. I swore to myself the day before that if I didn’t make it to the school without being late….

Well, what’s the use of saying it? Whatever. Anyways, I told them the day before that I must be at the school at 5:00 am and I woke up at 4:30 am. Whatever happened, I reached the school in 5:21 am. And late, for just a minute.

Which is another reason I didn’t want to attend the class in Friday.

And then, my favorite part, the ride.

Yes, it must be fun, until my stomach jerked and jerked I thought I’m gonna throw up though I’m not so much sensitive to bus sickness (Or whatever,) But it really made me crazily silent as well as uneasy. So I passed junk food for now. Not so much a big deal, but hey, you can’t eat that during class.

After two hours of uneasiness and unexplainable, inevitable farting, We finally reached our destination: The museum of so-and-so (Too bad I’m too dizzy by the time we got in there to even ask our teacher or listen to the tour guide its name.) After 1 hour of waiting standing under the sun, with a couple of schools ahead and behind us, we were finally given a chance to circle the museum for 30 minutes. Not so much too worthy to write in this post about the museum or others.

See? It’s the school-fooling-around thing. We’ll do our prank to other schools, shouting out the names of some of our unlucky classmates to the direction of the other schools to see if any would respond (Of course we constantly needed to dodge our classmates nail claws that clamps on our hairs and even give us a slap-slash across our face and such. And the worst, the bio-hazardous corrosive chemical found on select glands of a dominant species. Or, in one word, saliva.)

Flying saliva.

Anyways, I always led you guys totally out of the topic. Subtopic. Whatever. Okay. See? We did it to make fun of other school without them offended too much. But this little guy (Size and height of my small sister, and she’s eight by the time I’m typing this.), had a rhinoceros hide-like face or in Tagalog, makapal ang mukha, which means, in English, literally, thick-faced or idiomatically, shameless. And you think it’s a good thing? No. There are many things between being shameless and confident. Forgetting that, let’s go on. So this lil’ guy the size of my small sis, went to me and said: “Crush ka niya,”, translated into English, “You’re her crush” or whatever. Anyways, I’m kind of partly crazy ‘coz I never felt someone having a crush on me (Weird, just weird. No nouns. Can’t think of one,) and partly angry ‘coz part of me said they’re just having revenge. In anyway, I saw the girl. Wow, I mean, so that’s my female counterpart?

Whatever. I just wanna recommend her using a glass next time looking to guys, ‘coz I don’t really have that face pride (Or whatever. Just call it whatever you want. I just don’t know what’s it.) I’m always down-ed. I  mean,  when I was small, they always tease each other “panget; baluga” or in English,”ugly,” (Now you know how to say ugly to your local bully without him knowing it. But I suggest using ‘baluga’ it displays exaggerated ugliness beyond limits. ’tis formerly known as a name for a flea or whatever.) Anyways, that shallow reason made me look like emo weird-o or whatever I am. The lil’ guy even asked me for my cellphone number. Told him to buy me one and I’ll tell him later. He disappeared and I sighed a relief. And before I was halfway to my sigh…..

My classmates teased me “Nice one, Reignscythe, ambilis mong makakuha ng chicks ah!” In English, “Good job, Reignscythe! You’re so fast catching chicks!” Of course the chicks will be girls. Not the sons of chickens. I won’t even chase one.

Next he asked me my Facebook. Of course they will know I have, ‘coz I can’t be around in field trips costing some money without Facebook. Except for my classmate. He can endure no computer for a month.

I can’t live an hour without that.

By the way my answer to him I have forgotten, ‘coz it’s either my classmates are too noisy because of me and the lil’ guy talking about the girl or because the lil’ guy left with his own red-uniformed school.

I felt better.

We circled the museum for 30-minutes without things worthy to be posted here. I can’t post nonsense here.

We got back into the bus. The tour guide told us that our next destination is the musicale-thingy called “Ako si Ninoy” (I am Ninoy) or whatever it is. It is for the remembrance of the Philippine modern hero named Benigno Aquino Sr., or whatever it is about. We let out a pitiful “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..!”

But we completely underestimated the epicness of a musical play. When I first saw the poster, I thought musical play was like this:”What the heck, a musical play? Like ‘Cinderella and the Seven Dwarves’, or the ‘Snow White and the Little Mermaid’, or was it like ‘The Little Beast’? Complete with funeral-like songs and some lousy modern dance moves.

But as I say, we completely underestimated it. When we arrived there, we are one of the schools who would attend the play. So we got a privilege most of us moaned from: the middle part. See? You can’t sleep if you’re in the middle of ushers and usherettes.

But later, we regretted being sorry for being one of the schools in the middle.

<continued tomorrow, gonna sleep, for now,>

And so I started writing this again the next day, 11:04 am or whatever, considering how I felt futile in clocks.

Okay. So here I was in the most middle part of the theater. I felt uneasy ‘coz one mistake will make me ashamed throughout the field trip and the next school day crying. So, anyways, after what seemed like eons of waiting, the host stepped in and reminded us of the “theatrical (Or whatever, right after he said it I forgot it.) etiquette” Whatever. Then after a moment of the actors preparing behind the curtains, it started. Some school barely reached the theater at the right time. And most of them didn’t reached the etiquette and rules.

And the show started. Boom! Boom! Boooooooooooom! Drums started. Then cool spotlights and smoke effects. Nice entrance. Blinding lights. All I say is, “Whoa,’the heck”s that!” and to make my post a little shorter, I just wrote it in English.

And it goes on. I don’t know why or what happened to me. But I felt like duped or stupefied to a drug though I doubt it. That time I felt like I forgot everything else gradually, and felt more and more into the play. Even my seat/classmates, known for jokes and inattentiveness to things connected to literature and such, is tense. And I forgot all else, the bus, our field trip, our next stop-over, all. It’s like you’re watching a cool movie you forgot it’s past midnight. The colorful flashing lights blinded my eyes, and sound waves reverberated throughout the theater. In the middle part is the part that touched me most, piercing my heart through and goes back to the stage during laughter like a boomerang. Yes. It’s a very cool uplifting feeling when talking about nationalism (I’m not sure if it’s really nationalism) for me.

The show abruptly was stopped because those school students who didn’t heard the etiquette is doing all that is strictly prohibited during play. Using cellphone (May disturb the microphone-receiver communication), cameras (May distract an artist during play, or worse), shouting (May make the artists crazy and bloated in their ego) The host reminded not to do that during the show. Suddenly I was awake again. I remembered all again. I became free of their spell. Then they continued.

At the end of the show, I felt dizzy. I mean, what the heck. Sitting for almost 2 hours in a retracting seat that’s wicked on your butt and uncomfortable lined armrests. Throughout the entire show, I’ve invented 30,000 new positions in a seat.

Oh yeah.

Then we eat at Tiendisitas (Mine’s got a wrong spelling and I knew it, sorry) We ate and walked around the square. Then I treated my friends chocolates.

Simply delicious.

Our next destination is Tahanang Walang Hagdan (A Home Without Stairs) which is for those who are disabled. Nothing much to note about that.

I just forgot when but still it’s vivid in my memories. The tour guide held up a dougie battle. Haha. It is so cool and funny and I wish I could do that. And the infamous Pick-Up battle. According to our teacher in Literature and English, she said that it was a new literature of the Philippines.

The next is the Myth of the Human body. It’s not yucky, not stinky, it almost looked like plastic even from near. But I still don’t want to see it. See? It’s just that I don’t want to see corpses, even go in their way. Why? It’s like moral or dignity. Don’t understand? I knew it. So, let’s put it this way. If your classmate left your school and left a couple of his personal belongings, as in personal belongings, as in socks and underwears, would you preserve and display it on your school’s hallway to be smelled by others? No way. I can watch a couple of chop-chop things and still feel good, but real people’s body preserved to be seen skinned and naked? I pity them.

The way home was nothing but picture taking and such. I tried to sleep but I can’t. I told the driver I’ll come down to my house ‘coz at least it’s on our way. And so I saved money that must be spent in commuting.

Overall I spent only P150, or in dollars $2-$3. With that money I already treated my friends two Pik-One’s,one M&M, and Snickers. I also bought a little pamphlet being sold to students at the Pasig Theater.The End.

And look at this! 1825 words! I’ll try to beat this again!


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