So many things that hurt me…..

…..besides my shoulders and abs (though I hardly have one)

Is my heart…..

…..once I tried to, for experience,

But I’ve got fallen…..

…..and can’t stop,

And here I am…..

……taking it too much seriously,

Forgot my studies for it…..

…….and ending up with nothing,

An unwise decision for me to take,

……..to succumb and mourn,

Rather than move and go on……


What the hell? I mustn’t take it seriously. Oh come on! Be optimistic though you’re almost not!  But yes,I did take it seriously. Well. I have many other things to take more seriously, most at school. Almost all at internet.

So, about the internet thing…..

I guess I can’t keep up posting in my WordPress lousy subjects everyday. And even if I have thought up a nice subject, I can only write a few sentences, considering I only got 2-3 hours a weekday for computer and 10-12 hours in weekends, and that I play two games and writing this up simultaneously. So I guess….

I’m gonna write only on Saturdays.

Don’t worry, It’ll be cool, I’m gonna tell you all of what I think that week complete with a poem or whatever.

About the school…..

Field trip! Eichowelway Esseichaiti! Whatever. Other than that, is our project. Already bad? Nah. Just look at this. We must have a 4-paged report our country with a 10-minute report. Bad now? Not closer still. I’ve got Brunei as my country. And its government has total control of media that’s coming in and out of the country, so it’s almost information-less. Nasty? No. Just read this and you’ll understand what we’re going into. We only write some things about Brunei and most is its literature. And what is popular there is only the sajak and the Sya’ir Awang Simawn. Now that’s what you call a problem.

By the way that’s all I’ll post. Good luck to me and you for my field trip 😀

And this was my longest post this time. I’ll try to beat this post’s word count this Saturday.


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