This blog is for what?

You know, I’ve been into reading random blogs this day. But sadly, only a few blogs (this and this), the latter is the blog of my former classmate. They have a pretty interesting blogs to manage, and both of them attracts reader in their own ways. But me? Oh, heck. I still don’t think of anything good to post here or whatever. Will I post chapters or teasers of what am I writing? Will I post my pyouemes? Will I talk about what’s wasting my 10 hours every day? Will I talk about what interests me? What will I post? A little help please. I gave up all I had for something I want to achieve, so I have no originality,  got a problem keeping up a conversation and an obsession to listen to music or staying late feeling emo. Silly? Crazy? That’s me you’re saying like that. So, an idea popped into my mind. But it needs many followers so many can interact and help me. Help me move faster. Help me improve. Help me be in my climax point. Help me and I’ll help you in everything.  Don’t worry, we’ll try implementing that all must be anonymous and doesn’t know each other

Exception: Homework and anything concerned about money and math. Also non-teen and uncommon teen problems.



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  1. Yo. Special mention with link ? Hahahaa. :))

  2. Correction dude : ONLY FEW BLOGS ! 🙂

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