Yeah. Sountrip. Soundtrip in front of my laptop and boomin’ our roof off. Got it at the maximum level though they are all but 24 songs, and all pirated. And at last! I got our store alone for the first time legally. My folks is down and watching a movie that’s pirated too. I’ve been writing this while trying to adjust my eyes with the large fonts of Facebook chat and the small fonts of the .pdf I’m reading. It’s for my project in our subject Literature, and our target is the Literature of Brunei. Unfortunately, Brunei isn’t that prolific, as one site said. So I’ve got a major headache ’til I found this pdf file. I’m so lucky this week, 39 hours of laptop freedom!  High grades! But it got a price, though. I started tearing up my friendship with my close friend and evowardzyitityayendzi emwai xyariueseich, all for someone special. Anyways, I’ll cut this post off for tomorrow because I need to continue my project.




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